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Sunday, 10 June 2018

NECO 2018 Agricultural Practical Solution Answer – June/July Expo

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NECO Agricultural Practical Solution Questions and Answer – JUNE/JULY 2018 Expo Runz.

    A: is knapsack sprayer
    B: is watering can
    i)Carry out a pre-operation service and prepare the sprayer for
    the job.
    ii)Mark out a 25m2 calibration plot in the area to be sprayed
    with a peg in each corner (the 25m2 can be any configuration
    – e.g. 5m x 5m, 12.5m x 2m, 25m x 1m or 16.6m x 1.5m, or
    any other combination to give 25m2).
    iii)Fill the sprayer to a known level, or use a permanent marker to
    mark the tank and fill it to that line.
    Early stage
    Knapsack sprayer
    Spec A
    i)it has nozzle
    IiIt is calibrated
    Spec B
    i)It has handle
    ii)It has a spout
    i)Store I cold dry place
    ii)Clean and dry after use
    iii)Use silica gel packs or rust collector to prevent rusting

    C: Sandy soil
    D: Loamy soil
    E: Clay soil

    Spec C
    i)planting cover crop
    ii)application of compost
    Spec E
    i)planting cover crop
    ii)application of compost
    i)clay particles are fine powdery and smooth when dry
    ii)the particles are sticky and mouldy when wet
    i)Hand texture method
    ii)Separation by sieving
    iii)Separation by sedimentation
    i)it provides good aeration.
    ii)It is rich in nutrients
    Iii)It is well-drained and has a neutral or near neutral pH.

    F: Yam tuber
    G: Cassava Root
    H: Ginger rhizome

    Spec F
    Human consumption
    Spec G
    Human consumption/industry use
    Spec H
    For human consumption
    Spec F
    I)yam mosaic disea
    ii)yam rot
    Spec G
    I)cassava mosaic virus
    ii)Bacteria blight
    Spec F yam setts
    Spec G stem cutting
    Spec H rhizome
    I)ginger drink
    ii)ginger coffee

    Specimen I- broiler
    Specimen J- catfish
    Specimen K – snail

    i)gum boro disease
    ii)fowl disease
    iii)new castle disease
    I)they are micro decomposer
    ii)source of food (protein)
    iii)source of income to Farmer
    Spec J
    Spec K

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